Vintage by Misty and Amy Inc Chanel Party

Last week Vintage by Misty popped up in Scottsdale with Amy Inc for her Re-Grand Opening Soiree! Thank you to everyone who came out and shared laughs and love! A huge thank you to Katina Patriquin Photography  for your wonderful pictures! Your the best lady! All Jewels and Handbags will be on our VintageByMistyEtsy shop soon! Make sure to follow Vintage By Misty on facebook for daily news and inspiration!

Best Vintage Jewerly 2012 Vintage by Misty Phoenix New Times

Misty Guerriero travels the world in search of to-die-for vintage fashion and furniture to fill up Vintage By Misty. London, Paris, Israel, and Spain all make her list of shopping destinations. Where Guerriero’s eye for the eye-catching serves her best (in our humble opinion) is in her selection of fabulous baubles, as evidenced by the shop’s impressive variety of accessories. From assorted Chanel buttons transformed into costume rings to art deco Guillemette L’Hoir necklaces and Moroccan turquoise armor jewelry, you’ll find an array of visually striking statement pieces all vetted by the internationally en vogue shop girl. Accessorize away.

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